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The Cable Guy: Why can't Jimmy be president of Cox?
The Cable Guy January of 2008, I moved and wanted to have broadband, cable and phones installed in my new home. I had Cox Cable install the cable and broadband and went with Vonage for my phones. Cox's cable gave me immediate problems. The channels would only work in the day time and I could not watch TV at night. Between the months of January to September, Cox Cable was at my home in excess of 8 times. I spent 97.8 hours on the phone with Cox's support staff which almost made support from India a pleasure.

Download: The Story of the Invention that Terrified the Music Industry and Transformed Global Culture

Chapter Five of the forthcoming book by Nathan Schulhof with Tim Vandehey.

"Five years before I launched a company called Information Highway (later to become Audio Highway) based on what was, to me, a crystal-clear idea: the next stage in the evolution of entertainment was to give consumers total control by creating a system that would allow them to download music and audio from the Internet and play them back where and when they wanted, on a portable device that fit into a shirt pocket."
"When I see kids using the iPOD it makes me feel really good."
Inventor of the MP3 Player
Article from Valleylife magazine on Nathan Schulhof, the inventor of the MP3 player.

Valleylife magazine sat down with Nathan Shulhof to talk to him about his amazing career, find out what it takes to make such a huge impact on the world as a businessman and what the next big idea will be.
Why the iPod Is So Successful
The Professional Manager
Article published by Nathan Schulhof about how Apple built their phenomenal online music business.

"Apple has successfully achieved a branding of the iPod like no one else because they were the first to offer an elegant and comprehensive solution between hardware and content. This appears on the front and back ends when creating not only the hardware (iPod) but also the content (iTunes). "
The Professional Managers
The Professional Manager
Article published by Nathan Schulhof that asks the question, "Professional Managers, can they help or hurt a start up company?"

"Over the years, I have watched creative, bold, innovative companies get off to a great beginning. Then, they make the mistake of bringing in “The Professional Managers”. More often than not this type of thinking turns the small creative company into a small company with a big company dull mentality."