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The Man Behind The MP3 Player
Press Article
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The Man Behind The MP3
Nathan Schulhof might not be a household name, but his revolutionary invention certainly is. This extraordinary innovator invented, patented and introduced the first MP3 player—and that is just the beginning. More...
The talent that drives the Internet technologies
Nathan Schulhof selected among the talent that develops the new, Internet technologies, joining Michael Dell, Larry Ellison, Patricia Seybold, and Steve Case. More...
Success Magazine
A winning exit strategy delivers a big windfall
Nathan Schulhof's company, TestDrive, was taking off. It was a front-runner in developing a computer program that lets consumers sample different kinds of software before making a purchase. It was the perfect time to cash out. More...
Patents May Raise Price of Information Highway
Last week, TestDrive , a 25-employee company in Santa Clara, Calif., announced a patent on a promising technique that lets computer users try multiple programs on a CD-ROM before they buy them. If they like one, they may give a credit-card number to the software supplier and receive a code that gives full use of the software. Nathan Schulhof, TestDrive 's chief executive, believes the patent will also cover systems for controlling electronic delivery of movies, music and other data to the home. More...

Salt Lake City, Utah
Wednesday, May 29, 2002
MP3, Internet audio well beyond 'fad' stage
Nathan M. Schulhof believed early that high-speed data transmission would change the world. But he had trouble getting others to share his vision. "People would say it's a fad, it's going to go away. I couldn't get them to see this vision," he said. More...